How to Be a Sales Ninja


On your sales calls…

  • Do you regurgitate “market speak” that proves you don’t know anything more than a few repeated talking points you got off the company website or do you talk about things that relate directly to your customers’ reality?
  • Do you excitedly relay to your customer how your solution will actually solve specific problems that they deal with or just spew irrelevant facts that you hope will impress your customers?
  • Do you tell your customers what you want them to value and hear or do you explore their pain points and bring up value that addresses those pains directly?

So much more of sales should be spent listening carefully (and sometimes quietly) and then using your words with careful and effective accuracy that directly hits the mark rather than a spray of machine gun fire that can do more harm than good.

But it also means knowing your industry, your solution, your product, your company so well that you find ways to bring it into their real life scenario. If you want to have effective and “deadly” accuracy you have to know your stuff, know what weapons to bring to the conversation, and know when to strike.

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